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CNotes - Project Cases


As a consulting firm and your partner in business, we make a habit of sharing information.  More Information - More Value


Our CNotes - Project Cases will delve deeper into issues and review solutions for common business problems.


CNotes - Project Cases -- System Implementation and Process Improvement


MSNBC says Vantage Resort Realty’s Rental Program will take the risk out of rental properties.  Vantage Resort Realty headquartered on Maryland’s eastern shore; is the area’s premier luxury boutique vacation rental provider.  Vantage Resort Realty has over 350 properties in some of Ocean City’s best-loved coastal communities.  Vantage Resort Realty struggled with their reservation software and website partner.  C Su!te was engaged to identify a toolset which would stabilize and enhance the owner and guest experience.    The cornerstone of the implementation was the reservation system.  Layered on that foundation were a booking engine and mobile apps to support reservations on the website and guest information via their smartphone and/or tablet.  All three implementations included data migration, data mapping, business intelligence, process and SOP documentation, staff training, and analysis for best practice opportunities.  C Su!te was successful in all three implementations promoting collaboration among and between the Vantage Resort Realty team.  Read More....




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